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Welcome To RS Line Construction Inc.

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About us

Family owned and operated since 1988 by our Founder, Rob Smith. RS Line Construction Inc has proudly served North America for 4 decades without ever a fatality. Safety truly must be at the core of everything we do, beginning with a safe mindset; the way we think, and plan, sets our team of the highest qualified men and women to do their jobs safely and effectively.

RS Line Construction is an Agile and Lean Enterprise led by President, Carly Smith, who proudly is a fourth-generation trail blazer in the powerline industry.

Our mission is to provide a safe, professional, first class organization where we do things differently. We employ the very best skilled knowledge workers and allow them the trust and opportunity to contribute to a progressive, leading and continuously improving Power Line Company. At RS Line, we don’t “do it the way it’s always been done”, yet rather, we look to the future, embrace change and are continuously pushing the industry’s boundaries.

We are powering a brighter future.